Google’s Vint Cerf rejects net regulation.

Too right, Vint! Fix the cause, not the effect!


DERTy Link#6: Big Telly

From Future Predictions. A massive telly. an interactive one at that! We’re a big fan of interactive screens here and this one from Panasonic is certainly pretty special.

Clicky for view…

Forgive us readers…

…For we have sinned. We haven’t posted for almost a month! Shocking. It’s the holiday season here but far from calming down things have gone in to over-drive. Our clients at Motorola are off to show their IPTV kit  at IBC, the chaps at Creative are off to IFA with a couple of big launches and guys at HIRO are keeping us incredibly busy with their content-monetisation solution.

We promise there’ll be more from us more regularly from now on. Honest….

Kids 2.0

Luke’s post on the Despatch blog, ‘Technology as an organic concept’, rings true in many of the advances made in modern day life. The Oxford English Dictionary defines technology as “the application of scientific knowledge for practical purposes,” whereas I think if you surveyed members of the ‘pre-Web 2.0’ generation they would reply that it is something along the lines of their off-spring’s latest gadget or the new microwave that has too many buttons on it for them to possibly know what purpose they all serve.Today’s kids fully embrace the new web 2.0 world because they aren’t aware that there was ever a 1.0 world, what we perceive as a technological revolution is a fact of life for them, hence why they do not see it as separate entity to their lives but merely a way in which they go about their business. It can be said that they are comfortable with web 2.0 as its applications are like games to them; Habbo, MySpace, NeoPets, etc. are all games in which they can communicate with others; they are not social networking tools. However, both social networking and blogging are notoriously present in their daily routines, so much so that there has been a call from Elton John to ban the internet, as in his view it is destroying the creative abilities of the next generation.

My opinion is that it is not destroying them at all, but instead there have been changes in the way that creativity manifests itself and where it can be found. The simple fact is that society progresses and changes, the advent of the radio, the TV and now the internet all shift things along and it is invariably the young that are first to adapt as they are generally more open to new possibilities. Maybe if we all started thinking like kids again and just took things for granted instead of marveling at their technical deployment and thinking about ‘how things used to be’ then the 2.0 world wouldn’t be so scary.