DERTy Link #4: Touch me, touch me


Larry Larsen at on10 has filmed a demo of Microsoft’s most up-to-date Surface Computer

It’s nothing new – we’ve seen a few surface mechanics in before, including some older ones like MS’ PlayAnywhere, but this is the slickest version we’ve seen yet. The object recognition capapbility is very cool and the wi-fi camera connectivity is brilliant.

Apparently they’re gearing up for commercial deployment within the next 6-12 months;  we just can’t get over the fact they’ll be bitch to clean – don’t know about you, but there’s something very unsvoury about wiping down your TV screen every couple of days…

 Larry embeds all of his videos so we can’t post here. You’ll have to watch after the jump 

Seeing as it’s traditional to post a video of some sort here, we thought we’d throw in our favourite object recognition and interaction screen, Sony’s Revolution. Ancient, clunky and certainly surpassed by something a lot cooler, we still think this rules….


3 Responses to “DERTy Link #4: Touch me, touch me”

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  2. dertytanja Says:

    Looks really cool! Does that mean we can type on just any surface? Or blog? Or edit and stream videos? I just read an article in Germany’s leading business magazine (WirtschaftsWoche) on how Microsoft lots its coolness in consumers eyes since they were best known for (boring) office stuff, but Surface was pictured as part of the Home of the Future in Redmond and the editors argued that there’s more to MS than meets the eye – seems they’re correct.

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