Make the Tea!

Clever idea from Cravendale – milk – to get people making more tea and to crowdsource (gaining free insight into people’s tastes/office-drinking habits…)


The company recently launched the widget/social networking site, Make the Tea, which reminds you and those in your ‘group’ whose round of tea it is.  Once registered, it asks you to set your tea or coffee preferences (how much milk you like – colour-coded from 0-5, whether you take sugar) and set the time and day for when you want tea made (say, x5 per day).  It then sends a reminder at each of the times to let you and the people in your group know whose turn it is.


You can also upload pictures of yourself and your colleagues and leave comments for added fun and japery…



Now there are no excuses not to make tea (or for making hideously milky – ‘lazy-tea’ – as some DERT team members have been know to do…).



One Response to “Make the Tea!”

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