Everything is virtual nowadays….

Today’s Telegraph includes a piece on how virtual worlds could be harming our ability to interact with one-another.

Baroness Susan Greenfield, director of the Royal Insitution, has expressed fear that users of the simulations could abandon the messy intimacy of “real-life” human relations for two-dimensional liaisons in the virtual world.

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Who has the Rights?

The North Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) could be taken to court after evicting a newspaper reporter from a baseball press box for blogging about a game while it was in progress.  All after the jump

“Reporters covering our championships may blog about the atmosphere, crowd and other details during a game but may not mention anything about game action. Any reference to game action in a blog or other type of coverage could result in revocation of credentials,” says the NCAA

The N.C.A.A. decision at the baseball tournament was ostensibly to protect the broadcasting rights that were sold to ESPN, which was telecasting the game, and CBS Sportsline.com, the official Internet provider of detailed descriptions for N.C.A.A. baseball tournament games.

An ESPN spokesman, Mike Humes, said: “To be honest, we didn’t ask for it. They didn’t consult us.” Bearby, the N.C.A.A. lawyer, said the N.C.A.A. initiated the action because “the entertainment event or sporting event has the ability to limit access to who gets that firsthand account.”

Blogging – amplifyig the public domain.

Interesting position. What do events rights owners actually control now? With everyone capable of reporting on an event in real-time, with wildly varying levels of commentary quality, how does a sports events organiser actually control the product?

Oui Wii

For all the geeks, techies, gaming freaks, console kids, middle-aged men who still live with their parents, Star Trek fanatics and musical instrument obsessives who miss the theremin… this is for you:

No DERTiness in the Top 50?


So The Times has published its top 50 blogs spanning all sectors, both corporate and personal alike… DERT was shocked to see that it is not in prime position in the technology section, although its good to see Richard Edelman is helping to keep up appearances….

Heavy-hitters in the tech list include Scobeliezer and Boing Boing, take a look yourself at the full listings here

DERTy Link #5: PRThoughts.TV


Guillaume du Gardier (Director of Online, Edelman Europe) has launched a web TV site PRthoughts.TV  through which he’s going to explore the world of social media and participatory communication. Broadcast weekly, it presents views of Web 2.0 and offers discussion from social media experts.

Guillaume kicks off the first episode with contributions from Yann Motte, CEO & founder of Webjam, BBC Blogger extrodinaire, Robin Hamman, and DERT’s very own Matt Grossman, talking about CBS’ last.fm acquisition.

It’s quite similar to our European CEO, David Brain’s site, 60 Second View, though du Gardier’s site is a dedicated vlog with a Web 2.0 agenda.   

You can see the whole show (and subscribe to the series) after the jump

Work in progress

We’ve started changing the look and feel of our DERTy site. It needs updating, and this should be treated as a work-in-progress. We’ve got loads of contributors from the dert team around Europe who are sending posts – to maintain utter transparency we want to make sure that authors are listed so the theme has changed. More to follow…