EMI.com Beta goes live

Ok, this isn’t really news hot off the press but I was in Copenhagen and missed it until I got back today.  So EMi.com launched on Wednesday 17th with Doug Merrill penning his own welcome email:

For all of you who love music, we are happy to introduce you to EMI.com.It’s a website designed for you to discover new music, rediscover your favourite classics and find information about EMI artists.

EMI.com will allow you to listen to your favourite songs, watch videos, discover music based on your tastes, create playlists and search for content about EMI artists – all for FREE. In the future, you’ll be able to buy downloads from the site.

What you’ll discover at EMI.com:

  • 500,000 tracks from 11,000 artists and bands, with loads of new content being added regularly.
  • A media playerthat streams both audio and video from EMI artists.
  • A discover feature that lets you search for music according to your taste.
  • The ability to create an unlimited number of playlists.
  • Special video and audio features, including live sessions and behind-the-scenes footage from our biggest and our breaking artists.
  • And that’s just for starters! We’ve designed EMI.com to be what we call a “learning lab” – a place to experiment with new ways to connect you with music. Over the coming months, we’ll be adding new features and content, and we want to hear what you think of the music, the site and anything else.

Visit EMI.com today and sign up to access loads of great content and music!

Best Wishes

Douglas Merrill

Having visited the site, I’m underwhelmed.  But as Doug says its an experiment.  EMI.com is in Beta, more features’ll be added and the site will get better, promise.    Lets hope so.


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