A DERTy Christmas Wish List

Santa Claus is coming! Santa Claus is coming!  We all know that Santa and his elves have all gone web 2.0 (if you didn’t you heard it here first) so what better way to deliver the DERT team’s list of wants than through our very own blog.

So what is the team wishing for?

Luke Pollard, would like a solar powered charger for his laptop so that he can work from the beach.  Clearly he thinks that he is relocating somewhere hot or plans on working during his holiday?  Santa is sure to deliver requested gift to such a good, environmentally aware lad.  But if he doesn’t you can pick something up from www.selectsolar.co.uk

Will has clearly fallen in love with one of the items in his client Canon’s portfolio.  Acccording to him it is “*expletive* cool” and is the EOS 5D Mark II.  Not only does this bad boy shoot HD footage but you can continue to take snaps whilst filming.  A note to Santa:  Due to an unfortunate incident last week Will’s camera was broken….

Charmaine is opting for a Blu-ray disc player with the Disney classic Sleeping Beauty to compliment her new Samsung HDTV.

Gadget man Gareth is keen on what I can only describe as a music player slash pet: the Sony Rolly.  (Gareth owns many, many gadgets and as fun as it looks I can only assume that this would be another that would gather dust.)   

Polly fancies a subscription to the RED(WIRE) a really beautiful online music magazine (unlike any other online music magazine).  The money from the monthly subscription not only helps to tackle AIDS in Africa but also helps support new musical talent to.

Luke Mackay really wants an iPhone but if demand outweighs the stock he’d settle for a subscription to Wired UK magazine.

Me?  Well as much as I love my little BENQ projector, and games console combo, I wouldn’t mind upgrading to a SIM2.   Ever since seeing King Kong’s final moments in high-definition at a SIM2 press screening, no amount of tears could distorte or blur the most impressive image I have ever seen.  A tidy little Domino would go down a treat but Santa I’m sure a  Grand Cinema C3X 1080 will squeeze down my chimney.

Any other thoughts?

Merry Christmas


One Response to “A DERTy Christmas Wish List”

  1. Luke Mackay Says:

    Christmas trees up in the office, JCPR playing Christmas songs on the stereo, it truly is the season to be jolly.

    Thanks for sending our Christmas list off to Santa, Nic, but all your talk of Christmas 2.0 reminded me of this site. I stumbled across it the other day and thought it was a nice solution to the logistical nightmare that is organising secret santas….


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