What does EMI.com have in store?

I’ve been meaning to write a follow-up post to EMI says DRM free music boosts consumer engagementand today seemed as good a day as any.  Last night I took a wander to EMI.com to see if there were any clues as to what lay in store but alas no. 

Boosting engagement, for a brand that until recently hasn’t been consumer facing, is important if, as Doug Merrill says, EMI.com will become a place where bands can connect with fans and vice versa.  A modern day fan site if you will.

There are sites out there already that do connect bands with their fans and vice versa.  Sites like US based ReverbNation and former Edelman clients RAWRIP and Myspacehelp artists to connect with their fans, be discovered as well as market themselves using a comprehensive arsenal of tools and widgets.  In turn fans can gain access to the most up to date multimedia content, tour information, can contact artists ‘directly’ as well as show support for their band using some clever widgets.

I’m sure EMI will have a way of showcasing their artists but it will be interesting to see their manifestation of how bands can update and learn more about their fans and also how fans are able to interact with them.  Here are some of my favourite picks from the above:

  • Tunepaks from Reverbnation – a link which when clicked on releases a standalone player so the recipient can listen to the latest releases straight from the artist
  • Show schedule and Map from Reverbnation – a widget that can be embedded into any html page e.g. fan’s Myspace, aritsts’ official home page, that displays tour dates and route
  • Reverbnations’ Tunewidget is a widget that fans can spread and allows the artists to see where it goes, what songs were played most and contains music videos, ways for new fans to sign up to the artists mailing list etc
  • RAWRIP’s RAWSTORES are another portable widget that can be embedded in any html website.  One of RAWRIP’s USPs is that all songs sold through the site give artists 100% of the sale.  The RAWSTORE can be embedded on an artist or fan’s web page, blog or MySpace for example and fans can buy the tracks listed and the artist still receives 100% of the revenue.
  • Myspace celebrity members’ blogs keeping their fans (and media) up to date on their latest musings

One of the challenges that such sites have is the creation of compelling content that will bring users back again and again.  Reverbnation has a solution to this too (and a solution for pretty much everything else). Artists are able to claim 50% of the revenue gained from ads posted on the artist’s homepage.   

Whether any or all of these widgety bits will be deployed by EMI.com still remains to be seen.  Sign up for Beta at www.emi.com


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