Wii fit tops memorable brand launch (in the US)

Mintel has released the results of its 2008 ‘Most Memorable New Product Launch Survey’.  Now there’s a mouthful and funnily enough food and bev represented the majority of memorable brands in the top ten.

MarketingDaily caveats the results with some bad news:

This was a terrible year for brand-building. Terrible. Rising food and gasoline prices, unemployment, the mortgage meltdown, and the political campaigns took up most of the room in consumers’ cognitions. A full 69% of survey respondents could not remember a single new product launched this year, per Mintel. Only 22% of respondents remembered the most memorable new product of 2008, the Wii Fit. 

For me recongition doesn’t mean relevance (i.e. relevant enough to buy).  Rising prices, economic certainty and job losses are all relevant and of real concern to the consumer.  In an environment such as this, brands need to work out how to be relevant (nice example here, also on MarketingDaily from Zurich).  The Wii Fit marketing campaign was phenomenal based on great consumer insight which is why so many people decided Wii Would Like to Play

The Top 10 features an eclectic bunch including McDonald’s Southern Style Chicken Biscuit & Sandwich; Kraft Mac & Cheese Crackers; KY Yours + Mine Couples Lubricant; Gatorade G2, Yoplait Fiber One; MacBook Air and Rock Band.


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