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Really interesting post from DERT’s man in PA, Luke Pollard, on the rise of Twitter amongst the PR community:

North East web guru and ex-Edelman employee, Stephen Davies, or fame is a regular poster on his Twitter feed and it has attracted a sizeable and influential following. He posted a few days ago on his blog a list of UK PR people on Twitter and in only a few days it has grown from a small number of PR pioneers to an increasingly comprehensive list of Twitter-ers from agencies across the land. If you’re just starting out on Twitter and want a step up you could do a lot worse than pressing follow on everyone on this list. Effectively you are downloading a ready made network of the best and the brightest in our industry.

I only started using Twittter a few days ago (like many, I took a while to really understand the benefits). Already its proving to be invaluable in keeping up-to-date with the thinking and observations of clever people/ colleagues/ journalists and friends (this list is not mutually exclusive…).

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One Response to “Twitter + PR”

  1. Jac Star Says:

    I agree, PR people most definitely seem to be getting Twitter much better than many other industries.

    I found another great list of PR types to follow, with a North American slant:

    The compiler of the list is also a great follow and a great resource for social media PR info.

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