DERTy Link #7 – Radiopaq

We love RadioPaq. It’s a global portal for online radio stations and podcasts. Everything’s here: Slovenian news shows, Guatemalan country stations, the lot…

The free Radiopaq portal has been designed to help you find what you want to hear, when and how you want to hear it. Thousands of radio stations from around the world are available to access now, from huge international to quirky, independent channels; more are being added every day, and these can all be searched by name, genre or region. You can listen to your favourite shows whenever you like thanks to the Radiopaq Podcasts, while Radiopaq Snapshot gives you the latest news and weather information as and when it happens.

This has got to be worth a go.

11.10am – We’re kicking off with Keeping it Kiwi, New Zealand’s Premier Music station apparently. It’s nice enough; think Magic FM if Simon & Garfunkle took over and played nothing but spurious folk tracks and tricky accordion loops.  

11.31am – Sick of Kiwi folk tunes. I’ve shifted to the delights of South Korea’s Andong MBC.

To think, without RadioPaq to get me here I’d never have got past the indecipherable website. I’d’ve missed out the sort of ‘bangin’ dance choons Berlin ravers were clammering for, circ 1991.  South Korea is HI NRG! terrific.

11.40am – Can’t keep up. I’m brining it closer to home. I’m on to some hard-hitting sounding news from Uzbekistan’s Radio Tashkent.

I’m afraid my Uzbek is not what it was but the report sounds particularly serious. It seems a little at odds with the flamenco guitar in the background.

11.43 – Late night Aussie phone-ins on 2GO FM 107.7 An over familiar woman is discussing her hatred of crows. Another is telling a long story about crying to Adam Sandler films. Dull.  

12.16 –  I’ve spent the past half hour tracking around amongst the various rock, dance, hip-hop and electronica categories. It’s great. It’s like Sky TV for international radio, just keep flicking until you find something you like. You can search in a variety of ways and dig up stuff that really appeals from all corners of the globe.

It’s still in beta at the moment and there are obvious gaps that need filling (poor old Nepal goes wanting, as does Nicaragua and Zambia) but that’s fixable. We likee. see more at


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