C0ld Coffee…

Edelman tech beheomoth, Jonathan Hargreaves, has started the C0ld Coffee blog, a blog for his musings and a forum for discussions, Specifically thinking about some of the strangeness that is all around us.  I can’t decide if this is caused by new web communications or whether people, indeed society is simply getting weirder or a combination of the both. 

 Intense stuff. It’s kicked of with a lively discusison on Society 2.0…

San Francisco … you can’t escape the news anywhere. Pictures of bombs and images in the UK made their way within 5 minutes to West Coast and rest assured at 2am Hargreaves was still working hard. Then in the papers on the way back reading cc TV pictures of burning jeeps and people it occurred to me that this frenzied media overload is another factor of society 2.0. It’s less about the technology than the transparency that results, the 24 hour monitoring of everything.

This means you can’t hide things anymore and you can’t just say how it’s going to be without some kind of backlash whether it’s the decision to go to war or an Olympic logo. Now while this good and all democratic I am wondering whether it just makes life too stressful. I mean once upon a time people were paid to design or make war and they were the expert and the rest of us had a sense of respect. Today this transparency means we are all expected to have a view, so is Society2.0 a world of critics? And is this truly a good thing?

 Join the debate after the jump


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