DERTY Link #3: OneStopPopShop

“I’m a self-facilitating media node, yeah… it’s well mexico!!!


Popurls is the dashboard for the latest web-buzz, a single page that encapsulates up-to-the-minute headlines from the most popular sites on the internet. Launched in March, it gives “a quick glance on what’s happening on the web while keeping the common newsreader clean from short-term headlines…a gate to an editorial selection of the most popular sites on the internet, presented in a usable way

PopURLS gives you a snapshot of all the most popular links from the most widely used aggregators. That’s A LOT of headlines, people. 

In all honesty there’s just too much to take in at once, but to get a good indication of web-mentality, the key discussions and news agenda online, popurls can’t really be beaten. It takes a moment to get your head round it but when it comes in to focus, it’s pretty amazing.

The list as it stands at the moment:

Digg,, reddit, flickr, newsvine, metafilter, tailrank, youtube,,, netscape, ifilm, wire, slashdot, boingboing, odeo, fark, nowpublic, shoutwire, metacafe, clipmarks, dzone, videoshift and

I could link to all of these sites individually, but I honestly cannot be bothered. Similarly, I could not be ar$ed copying out the ludicrously comprehensive list of contributing blogs – just go and look for yourself, it’s what it’s there for. 

As Barley would say, “Keep it foolish!”


2 Responses to “DERTY Link #3: OneStopPopShop”

  1. Charles Says:

    That would be launched in March 06? Because it’s certainly been around since December – we had people emailing to say it should be there after our December “100 new best sites” in Gdn Technology. And I get it opened by my machine at 7am each day. Good for the zeitgeist.

  2. dertywill Says:

    As noted on PopURL’s blog “popurls was launched in march 2006 by Thomas Marban who is often mentioned for creating the original trend of “single page aggregators…” as any fule no!

    Thanks Charles. I stand corrected. Whilst not new, it’s still cool. Will endeavor to research my posts a little more before.

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