Blogger relations – what makes a vendor successful

Charlie Wood makes a great post today about blogger relations.

It’s not surprising but they main point he raises is that bloggers should be treated like their own group and not lumped into the same bucket as press or analysts. This mantra is not new, but it is surprising that it isn’t mass adopted.

He continues to explain that SAP have their annual SAPPHIRE event this year in Vienna – what has made the registration process different this year compared to previous (and other vendors for that matter) is that they have changed their process to show that they are serious about reaching out to bloggers.

SAP blog registration

Some of the interesting insights he raised are:

  • Bloggers prefer to have group discussions instead of the one-on-ones preferred by the press and analysts. The bloggers weren’t looking for a “scoop” – they are looking for insight.
  • SAP has a formalised blogger relations programme which is led by a VP (most programmes tend to originate more from the grass roots)
  • SAP puts significant budget behind the blogger programme (pays T&E for example to events)

On a final point – is it any wonder that James Governor ranked SAP as having the best vendors’ blogger relations programmes.

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