RetroDERT: Top 10 Amiga Games of All Time


Gaze whistfully in to the past, reminisce about the days before the interweb – it was a simpler time when judgement was reserved for how long it took a game to load and how tough the end of level boss was. Your mate completed Double Dragon and became a playground God; you were mocked for choosing anyone other than Haggar in Final Fight. You told everyone your brother had completed Turrican but no-one believed you and you became pariah

Wired has announced its ‘Top 10 Amiga Games of All Time’. Childhood memories aside, it’s really interesting to see just how influential these titles were in shaping the history of gaming – both PC and console. Within this list you really can see the genesis for number of the most famous, popular and successful titles of modern times.  

Syndicate was a seminal title in the world of strategy-action games while Cannon Fodder’s tragi-comedy brutality and top-down gameplay paved the way for the first generation Grandtheft Auto titles

Truly addictive games; I’d go so far as to say these are still eminently playable now, standing along amongst the ultra-rich graphics and complexities of current MMORPG titles.

Old skool.


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